1. Mnangagwa shows off new Presidential jet – 1-The slick Zim 🇿🇼 Falcon 7X at Entebbe International Airport (Thursday 18 January) having flown President Mnangagwa to Uganda, to attend the 19th Non Aligned Movement and the G77 plus China summit at Munyonyo Resort, Kampala, Uganda.
2. China has built parliament buildings in Africa and the AU building.
3. Chamisa speaks on new party name ( Who says CCC is the destination, maybe its just a bridge, a detour. Puncturing the wheels of the CCC does not mean we will not reach our destination, maybe they are just directing us to the main road)
4. Makandiwa comes out in support of TB Joshua. Makandiwa was invited to visit TB Joshua in Nigeria, he spoke to him regularly on the phone.
5. US Embassy – Zimbabwe centre for Media and information literacy project.
6. Tino Kadewere struggling as his market value falls from 12.5 million to 2.5 million.
7. 279 missing Cyclone Idai victims to be declared dead.
8. Anthrax has spread to humans. Spread through handling and eating infected meat.
9. Ramaphosa’s economic advisor Thabi Leoka has a fake PHD. She has sent a letter of demand to the paper that published the story. She was being considered for Reserve Bank deputy Director.
10. Nelson Mandela belongings auctioning has been slammed.


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