Zambian Prophet, Fernanco Mashini Kipemba has issued a prophecy on the political developments that will soon take place in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Kapemba said:

Zimbabwe is a great Nation and God is about to restore that nation. The first thing that I saw is that there will be a new government in Zimbabwe. I saw a new man called Nelson Chamisa and I saw this man being swron in as the new President of Zimbabwe. I know that this will disturb some people.

I saw beside him there was a flag and behind him there was a bodyguard. I saw the stadium full of people, but the specific time I don’t know. And I saw the new government, I saw that that there was shifting, other other people going out and others coming in and taking place, like they were replacing those who were there. These thin will not take long, its something that is going to happen soon.

And secondly I saw the new currency, and it was too strong. I saw two notes, one was brown and the other one was light blue.

Thirdly, I saw the mass of people walking on the street, like they were having the battle with the army or the police, speaking about their right. And these people were being chased by the police of the army.