The Sunday News newspaper reports that Kwete Noko was killed by his wife, Progress and their landlord’ son after he caught them red handed in bed.

Noko was buried yesterday in Bulawayo.

circumstances surrounding his death are that on 31 December 2023, Progress asked Kwete if the two of them could visit their respective families separately. However, Progress did not go to her family and remained at home with the landlord’s son with whom she was having an affair.

Kwete also did not go to his family but went to drink with friends.

On his return, Kwete found Progress locked up with the landlord’s son in a bedroom. He ordered them to open the door but they refused, and he started to pelt the house with stones.

At this point, Progress and her lover opened the door and started to beat up Kwete who started to bleed profusely.

Progress and her lover were arrested at the Pumula house and kept at Magwegwe police station and Kwete was taken to Bulawayo Central Hospital where he died on Monday 8 January.

Progress and her lover were released after the Post Morten could not establish the cause of Kwete ‘s bleeding. The two claim that Kwete was cut by a broken glass while Kwete’s family say he was stabbed by the two.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday News – 7 January 2024.