Down to earth Chitungwiza born sisters, Thelma and Michelle Chimbganda started Beyond Borders International, a logistics company which has operations in Dubai and Zambia.

Thelma says they chose Dubai and Zambia because of the two countries’ friendly environments and access to capital. The company’s head office is in Zimbabwe where the sisters are based.

Other key points from the interview

  1. The sisters lost their father in January 2021 and they could not cope with the loss.
  2. Thelma is the CEO and says money and success are spiritual.
  3. Thelma says she lives a genuine life and she wants to be approachable and connect to people.
  4. Thelma says when you start its a hustle which means when you are not there the business is not operational. She says as time goes on ,  the business needs to get to a point where there are structures and it stops being a hustle.
  5. Thelma says she wanted to work in the banking sector, but she never got a job in the sector.
  6. The sisters started the logistics company after seeing an opportunity (as there was an unprofessional and informal approach in the sector.)
  7. Thelma was based in Masvingo and her sister, Michelle was based in Harare. Michelle was the one who would do the running around for her.
  8. The business was not started through connections.
  9. The first consignment was started from their parents house.
  10. Their parents sold their house in prospect to start the business.
  11. Their parents and her other sister in the UK were also part of the business.
  12. Thelma says working with a siblings has its challenges but there are structures in place so that there is proper governance.
  13. Michelle is a qualified chemical engineer.
  14. Michelle says sometimes they have to deal with difficult customers, however the logistics business is viable.
  15. The company has been awarded a number of awards.
  16. Other challenges include being a woman, being black and being African which presents its own issues.

How to get in touch with Beyond Borders logistics and Tsoka International

WHATSAPP : +263 77 748 5749 •  CALLS : +263 78 057 9994 •  LANDLINE : +263 8644 878 164 •  EMAIL : [email protected] [email protected] •  LOCATION : The Block, Stand 529, Pomona Business Park, Pomona, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Please watch the video above this post for more details. video by Kevi Birioti YouTube Channel.