China based Zimbabwean socialite and Avylet studios owner, Violet Gonamombe spoke after she has been absent from the public scene for a long time. Speaking in a video recording, Violet said she was in a difficult situation and was embarrassed over what she has done.

Violet works with her husband, Tichaona Martin Madzikanda, in their video production company, Avylet Studios.

In the fake video, Violet said her husband had left her and she was now living at an SDA church inn China as she was now homeless after being thrown out by her husband.

Violet narrated that soon after her graduation, Martin introduced her to his friend who employed her as Communications director. Violet said the job required her to work away from home. While on a work trip Sri Lanka, Violet claimed that she was raped while asleep and did not know which of her work colleagues had raped her. She claimed that she became pregnant and kept this a secret to her husband.

In a strange twist, Violet then travelled on a work trip and is now in the ICU after she suffered from food poisoning. her husband denied that her current illness is linked to the rape video.

Reacting to the viral rumours of Violet’s death, Madzikanda confessed that the rape story was a skit and was not real. He said he was the one filming the fake story, which was meant to help other women. Madzikanda begged socialites to confirm everything before posting as this was affecting his family.

He pointed out Zimbabwean blogger, Patricia Jack, whom he accused of lying that Violet was faking her own death for likes.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.