Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera for failing his people.

This comes a few days after Chakwera suspended his foreign trips and those of government officials as part of measures to reduce the impact of the recent 44% devaluation of local currency on the country’s economy.

Taking to Facebook, Chin’ono shared a video of Chakwera in action, leaving Malawi for his many foreign trips.

Chakwera has failed to outline how the government will address challenges facing people in instead he spends public funds on his many foreign trips.

Chin’ono said: “He told Malawians that the voice of God had whispered to him that God wanted him to be President, he called it a new assignment. It is clear after watching this video that NO God spoke to him, it was just a lie to hoodwink Malawians whom he knows are God fearing!”

He added that Africa is a laughing stock because of the tomfoolery by most of its leaders.

“Chakwera has proved to be worse appointing his daughter who worked for Kenya Airways as a diplomat and his son in law Sean Kampondeni as Executive Assistant.”