ICT Minister Tatenda Mavetera Attends The Ministerial Forum In Cape Town.

Today ICT Minister Tatenda Mavetera attended the Ministerial Forum on Building a Future-Oriented, Intelligent Digital Infrastructure in Cape Town.

She said they were on a panel with fellow ministers from Tanzania (Hon Moses Nnauye), Botswana ( Hon Thulagano Segokgo) and South Africa’s Dep Min for Communications and Digital Technology (Hon Philly Maphulane).

Mavetera explained that she said Africa can achieve its aspirations if they collaborate and work collectively.

She added that while they are making efforts to build digital infrastructure and improve connectivity there is need for them to also look at models that make access to smart devices affordable.

The Minister also mentioned that good infrastructure and connectivity does not make sense if the populace have no devices to access digital solutions.

Hence they must also look at initiatives to develop the digital skills of all our people as our vision is to leave no one and no place behind.

She added that disruptive technologies are a reality they cannot ignore and their best foot forward is to embrace these technologies by creating relevant policies and equipping people with adequate digital skills to navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution.