President Mnangagwa officially opens the US$25 million Chilmund Chemical plant

President Mnangagwa officially opened the US$25 million water chemicals manufacturing plant owned by Chilmund Chemicals in Bindura.

This will lead to the  production of aluminium sulphate, one of the three primary water treatment chemicals.

The plant is capable of producing 10 tonnes of aluminium sulphate an hour, for both local and export markets.

“The US$25 million Chemical plant we are commissioning today will produce granular and liquid aluminium sulphate.

“This will undoubtedly assist in easing perennial challenges which our country has been facing with regards to water purification chemicals.

“The establishment of this chemical plant further dovetails with my administration’s call for an import substitution strategy, as well as innovation, science and technology driven solutions to our country’s challenges,” he said.