Harare man Mcdonald Takunda Pfende swindles US$46K from 53 nurse aides

Zimlive reports that a 27-year-old Harare man Mcdonald Takunda Pfende swindled US$46000 from 53 nurse aide students.

Pfende lied that he could secure them Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to work in the United Kingdom, a court heard on Monday.

Mcdonald evaded arrest since May but was nabbed last Saturday after throwing party in Harare.

Prosecutors say sometime in May this year, Pfende, of Piennar Road in Waterfalls, approached Blessing Gwengwe, an education and employment agent and told him that he could secure CoS for his students.

“Pfende then asked Gwengwe to refer 53 applicants for the sponsorship and charged each applicant US$850,” the National Prosecuting Authority alleges.

Acting on the misrepresentation, Gwengwe collected US$46,000 from his students and sent the money to Pfende using two money transfer agencies – Mukuru and Access Forex.