Prophet Joel Ssali and wife arrested in South Africa

Midrand based Prophet, Joel Ssali (34) and his South African wife, Mandisa Ssali (28) both spent two days in police cells last week after fighting violently at their home.

Two versions of the story have been revealed and it is not clear which one is the true cause of the fight.

Religious journalist, Solomon Izhang Ashoms said on his Facebook page:

Prophet Joel, Ugandan born, South Africa based Prophet abused his South African wife for wanting a divorced after discovering his criminal life of fraud and adultery.

The leader of Prayer House Fellowship, used his contact to then get her arrested for abusing him. She’s currently in a police cell in Midrand awaiting bail hearing tomorrow in court.

He’s one of the miracle oil selling and charging for one on one prophet.

However, reporting on the same story, the Sunday world newspaper claimed that Mandisa was arrested after she knifed Prophet Ssali accusing him of cheating on her with young women from his church.

The newspaper reports that Prophet Ssali became violent on Friday after he arrived home and Mandisa asked him why he was seeing other women.

He reportedly grabbed a sharp knife and started smashing expensive furniture, including a TV and sound system. He also smashed Mandisa’s cellphone.

Ssali was arrested and spent the weekend in jail.

After he was released on bail, Prophet Ssali reported Mandisa to the same police station for stabbing him and she was detained in police cells until Tuesday, when she was released on bail.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World newspaper – 15 October 2023.