Chin’ono says Garry died due to failed healthcare system in Zimbabwe

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says Garry Mapanzure died due to a failed healthcare system in Zimbabwe.

The “Wapunza” hitmaker succumbed to injuries sustained in a road traffic accident on the Beitbridge-Masvingo Highway in Masvingo on Thursday.

Chin’ono sent condolences to Garry Mapanzure’s family and blamed his death on the lack of an ICU ambulance in Masvingo.

My condolences to Garry Mapanzure’s family on his tragic passing. It is painful that he died partly because there was no ICU ambulance in Masvingo to transport him so that he could be helped”, he said.

The journalist added that accidents claiming more lives because the healthcare system collapsed.

“We need a public healthcare system that works in order to save lives otherwise everyone of us can befall the same tragedy. Until this issue is resolved, many more will die unnecessarily. Rest in Peace Garry”, he wrote.