Acie Lumumba praises Uebert Angel for supporting him

Controversial businessman Acie Lumumba has praised prophet Uebert Angel for standing by him in difficult times.

Taking to Twitter, Lumumba said Angel helped him when he was in a very compromising situation yesterday.

He said:

Yesterday I was in a very difficult situation (ma1) that could have compromised me in unimaginable ways (ehe, that). I needed help, I made only one call to a person I trust nyangwe zvidini. I experienced unwavering love & support from @UebertAngel

whose favor to me has always been remarkable and unfair! He made me promise not to tell you what he did to help me hameno kuti kakenchingani hazvo.

I’m literally the little brother he has to get out of trouble every month for I think 12 years now. All I can tell you is don’t forget to go to church tmrw guys. Wishing everyone a blessed weekend filled with encouragement and inspiration. Pray without ceasing” #HeadBowed