Botswana serial killer, Charles Nangube, disappears while on bail

Botswana Police service are frantically looking for Charles Nangube, an escaped serial killer who is responsible for the death of over 3 people and numerous robberies.

Nangube killed the following people:

1. Gadzani Mokidze – Unkown date in the 90’s. She was the stepmother of his girlfriend. He shot and crippled Gadzani’s boyfriend. He was released on bail in 2005 after he was jailed without trial.

2. Mummy Mogoya, 2008. Nangube killed Mummy after living with her for 3 months as his girlfriend near Block 1 in Botswana. He was released on bail in 2021.

3. Oratile Makobo, 2021. Nangube murdered his pregnant girlfriend,  Oratile and was arrested.  He was granted bail in January 2022. He recently stopped appearing in court and the BPS were forced to admit that they can not find him.

The local chief in Nangube’s village,  Sebina Kgakanyane, revealed that in 1994, local villagers stopped moving about after Nangube began a reign of terror in which he robbed elderly people who will be walking to the fields.

Writing on their Facebook page, the BPS said:



Name: Nangube Charles
Home village: Sebina
Place of Residence :Gerald Estates
Alleged Offence: Murder

Any person with information on his whereabouts should contact Tatitown Police Station on the following numbers 2412231, 2442023, 999 or contact the nearest police station