Charles Guvamatanga denies rape charges

Musician Charles Guvamatanga popularly known as Torro has denied allegations that he raped his niece.

His trial commenced yesterday before Harare regional magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje at the Harare Magistrates Court.

Guvamatanga said he is a victim of abuse after he was drugged by the 18-year-old niece who then took advantage of him and forced herself on him.

Charles who was represented by lawyers Messrs Oliver Marwa and Dumisani Mthombeni asked why the niece did not scream for help as her sisters were also in the house, less than five metres away from the room she was sleeping in.

He also produced videos of the teenager drunk in a club, dancing on benches wearing tight fitting clothes contrary to her claims that she was wearing baggy clothes.

In his defence, Guvamatanga argued that the rape claims were made by the child to cover her back after a drunk night out and soil his image.

Meanwhile, the singer is expected back in court today.