George Rundogo appears in court for rape of his girlfriend’s child after HIV positive result.

Former Windmill CEO, George Rundogo, was yesterday acquitted of rape of his ex-girlfriend’s minor child at the Harare Magistrates court by Justice Loice Mukunyadze. The girl tested HIV positive.

Facts of the case

The minor child reported that Rundogo raped her multiple times and gave her sweets.

Justice Mukunyadze found that the minor child gave conflicting statements and admitted that she had slept with two other boys.

The matter came to light after the girl was tested for HIV and was found to be positive.

In his defence, Mundogo said he had been previously accused of raping another girl but the matter had been found to be false. He told the court that he considered the girl as his own child and he thinks someone is out to get him with these false accusations.

Mundogo showed his HIV results in court that were negative.

Magistrate Mukunyadze said:

Her Testimony was hard to believe as she told different versions to different people and it would be improper to put the accused to his defence.