Mangwana denounces calls to “defend the vote” as a threat to peace

Permanent Secretary for Information,  Nick Mangwana has denounced the call by opposition supporters to “defend the vote” as a threat to peace.

This comes as the opposition has been urging citizens not to go home after casting their ballots but to remain at polling stations until results are posted to guard against possible rigging.

Posting on Twitter, Mangwana said people should go home after voying and wait for announcement of the results.

“There is nothing called, “DEFENDING A VOTE”. That’s a threat to peace. After voting people should just go home and wait for the announcement of the results.

Imagine a polling station with 2000 voters from different parties all milling around after voting now waiting to “defend their vote”! That’s a potentially explosive scenario.

For the sake of peace, after voting just go home, to work to your business or whatever else that gives you a livelihood.