Who killed Zimbabwe ‘s coup Generals?

Political activist Majaira Jairos shared a thread focusing on the most prominent military men who lost their lives since the Nov 2017 coup.

The most prominent military men who lost their lives since the Nov 2017 coup are: Perence Shiri, Sibusiso Moyo, Douglas Nyikayaramba, Edzai Chimonyo & Paradzai Zimhondi. Most of these succumbed to CovED. Most of them were close to the now weakened CDN Chiwenga.

The following are departed men that you may have never heard of but they all died post the Nov 2017. Some were retired but played a part in toppling Mugabe. Some were eliminated for what they know and were viewed as potential threat to the man on the throne.

Below is the full list:

1. When Godfrey Chanakira died, there was a bitter tension between Chiwenga and Mnangagwa. ED wanted him declared a provincial hero, but Chiwenga resisted.

2. Colonel Mhlanga was assassinated in a fatal road accident along the Bulawayo-Plumtree highway while on his way to Botswana. Col Mhlanga had connections with Chiwenga & was known to Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi, Chiwenga’s new wife.

3.Colonel Dennis Pahla died from injuries sustained in a road traffic accident along the Harare – Chinhoyi road. Assassins forced the car he was travelling in, in Gwebi River.

4. Brigadier General Charles Kaneta mysteriously collapsed & died at his farm in Nyanga. He was very close CND Chiwenga & was part of of the army senior officers who coordinated Chiwenga’s Nov 2017 coup. Mnangagwa was very suspicious of him.

5. Major General Sydney Bhebhe, another Chiwenga confidant died all of a sudden at the Avenues Clinic. Prior to his death, he was fit as a fiddle. Again, because Mnangagwa wanted power to himself, he had to apply the mathematical principle of elimination by substitution

6. Major General (Retired) Clever Chiramba succumbed to CovED. He was a military strategist & had worked with Chiwenga as his deputy at 5th Brigade in Gweru in 1985 to 1988. He retired in 2004 but remained Chiwenga’s advisor leading up to the Nov 2017 coup.

7. Brigadier General Emilio Munemo died only a year & some months after the Nov 2017 coup. It was a very short illness. He was believed to be one of those who had finer details of the plot to oust Mugabe. He would pass some of the information to his son Acie Lumumba.

8.Brigadier General (Retired) Fidelis Satuku died in 2021 at a military hospital in Mutare allegedly after poisoning leading to kidney complications. Chiwenga who was treated in a military hospital in China following poisoning was close Satuku.

9.Brigadier General Collin Moyo died in 2021 allegedly after his blood tests showed some abnormalities/substances, which were suspected to be a result of poisoning. He died at a Haematology Centre in Harare. They had differences with ED over Zipra properties& War Vets welfare.

10.Brigadier General Sambulo Ndlovu (Retired) succumbed to CovED. He was a Soviet Union trained military communications guru & a tactical trainer with close links to General Chiwenga. His links with Chiwenga made him a threat.

11.Major Gen Trust Mugoba died in 2019, soon after returning home from Ethiopia where he was serving as Chief of Staff in the office of the Commissioner for Peace & Security in Africa. Chiwenga had to send a message of condolence to his family from China, while seriously ill.

12. Brigadier General Ruphus Chigudu died in 2020, possibly the only military man who had strong links with Mnangagwa. No information about is death is readily available & he is believed to have died of natural cause.

13.Now, this Gallant Son of the Soil Colonel Christopher Rufu Mayoyo, died suddenly on the 26th of April 2021 at his Jatala Estate farm in Triangle. He was only 63.

“I suspect Mayoyo was one of my very reliable sources. Me & him had agreed on 1 of the 3 unbreakable rules adopted from Jason Statham Transporter movie: “no names” . Even if he knew that I was Jairosi Majaira Chibanda, his real name was to remain anonymous”, wrote Jairosi

14 Lieutenant Colonel Chubbchecker Mutungwe died in November 2018, two months after the 1st of August 2018 murder of 6 citizens. I am told he had objected to some of the operations leading to the murder of 6 citizens. His illness was very short & unexplained.

15. Lieutenant Colonel Israel Mandizvidza died early this year, they say due to a natural cause, but others suspect it was because of his close links to Chiwenga. He was Chiwenga’s top aide. Chokwadi Chiwenga akasiiwa asina chaainacho.

Air Commodore Pio Maketo, perished in a head-on accident, which involved a bus. The link between him Chiwenga has not been established, however despite Mnangagwa promoting him recently, my source said he had changed his mind over yet another unclear circumstances.

In June 2022, the nation was told it was an “untimely death”. He died at the Zimbabwe National Army 2 Referral Hospital. If your relative took part in the plotting of the Nov 2017 coup, do not allow them to go to a military hospital, if they fall sick. The chap is serious.

Rtd General Walter Kanhanga, who was once forced to flee from a ZANU PF meeting in Guruve after being labelled a G40 member, died in February 2023 . Recently Chiwenga has been linked to an issue involving Professor Jonathan Moyo’s attempt to rejoin ZanuPF. ED was not happy.