Apostle Joseph Joe Guti is a prominent Zimbabwean religious figure who was formally appointed as the new leader of the ZAOGA Forward in Faith (FIF) Ministries. He assumed this significant role following the passing of the revered founder of the church, Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti on July 05, 2023. The announcement of Apostle Joseph Joe Guti’s appointment was made on Saturday, July 22, 2023, by Archbishop Eunor Guti, widow of the late Archbishop Ezekiel Guti. In her announcement, Archbishop Eunor Guti said that Apostle Joe Guti would be assisted in leading the church by Apostle Mishael Nyambo and Apostle Steve Simukai.

Family Background & Relationship To Archbishop Ezekiel Guti

Apostle Joe Guti was born into a devout Christian family deeply rooted in ministry. He is the nephew (Muzukuru) of the late Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, as his mother was the sister of the esteemed founder of the ZAOGA FIF Ministries. He is reported to have been raised by his mother’s side of the family and given the surname of his maternal relatives. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Apostle Joe Guti was exposed to the teachings and values of the church from a young age, which played a significant role in shaping his spiritual journey.

Age and Personal Information

The specific date of birth and age of Apostle Joe Guti have not been disclosed in the publicly available information. As of the time of his appointment as the leader of the ZAOGA FIF, he is believed to be in his adulthood, having garnered extensive experience and understanding of the church’s principles and operations.


Leadership and Ministry Journey: AMFCC & ZEGU

Before assuming the leadership of the ZAOGA FIF, Apostle Joe Guti was actively involved in the ministry and held a significant position within the church. He served as the Executive Director at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU), demonstrating his commitment to education and nurturing the spiritual growth of the congregation. His involvement in ZEGU showcased his dedication to the holistic development of individuals, combining academic pursuits with spiritual teachings.


Apostle Joseph Joe Guti was also the director of the Africa Multination for Christ College (AMFCC) Bible School. AMFCC is a bible college under the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA), which meets the training needs of church leaders and congregations worldwide. Dr Joe Guti with 11-year-old Praisegod Kiwiti who graduated as a Pastor in 2016.

Succession and Appointment

Tragedy struck the ZAOGA FIF community when their beloved leader, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, passed away on July 5, 2023, while in South Africa. This event led to discussions and deliberations on succession within the church leadership. After careful consideration, Archbishop Eunor Guti, widow of the late founder, formally announced Apostle Joe Guti as the new leader of the ZAOGA FIF Ministries.


The Formal Announcement

The formal announcement of Apostle Joe Guti’s appointment was made during the funeral of Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, a significant event attended by members of the congregation and notable figures from various fields. The atmosphere was somber as mourners came together to pay their respects to the departed leader.


Unity and Love in Leadership

In her announcement, Archbishop Eunor Guti emphasized the importance of unity among the new leaders and the congregation. She encouraged everyone to come together in love and continue the legacy of their late founder. Her words resonated with the attendees, instilling a sense of responsibility and dedication among the church’s new leadership.



Apostle Joe Guti, the newly appointed leader of the ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries, carries the legacy of his late uncle, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, with deep reverence and commitment. With a background in education and a strong foundation in the church’s teachings, Apostle Joe Guti is poised to lead the congregation with unity, love, and dedication. As he takes on this significant role, the congregation awaits the unfolding of a new chapter in the history of the ZAOGA FIF Ministries, guided by the principles of faith, unity, and love.