Hopewell Chin’ono slams CCC

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed the oposition party CCC for adopting the Bereka Mwana style of voting.

Bereka Mwana is asking voters to stand behind a candidate they are voting for.

Chin’ono described the method as backward and archaic adding that no self respecting democratic organization should use method.

He said:

“Even the corrupt and incompetent ZANUPF did away with Bereka Mwana ages ago!

It intimidates voters, and it is only used where pre-determined outcomes are expected.

It is not different from asking police officers and soldieries to vote before their superiors.

You lose the moral high ground to criticize the ZANUPF Government in August when it uses Bereka Mwana for soldiers and the police!

It clearly shows that we just don’t have a ZANUPF problem, but a Zimbabwean political problem dishonest is used to get onto power!

Any sensible citizens would never defend let alone support a backward voting process like Bereka Mwana.

The tragedy is that if ZANUPF uses it on the security officers, what moral compass will you use to criticize them?