Prof Jonathan Moyo slams Mnangagwa over the continued arrest of Job Sikhala

Former Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo has slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the continued incarceration of Job Sikhala.

Speakng to SABC News, Moyo raised concerns about Sikhala who has spent almost a year in prison.

“For a person to be in detention for one year. I don’t speak well of anyone of us as Zimbabweans but in particular those who are in authority,” said Moyo.

He said the Judiciary in Zimbabwe has become an extension of the politics of the day; “This is what I think is bit scary, alarming about the current developments if you look at that.”

Moreover, Moyo said the opposition is weak ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections set to tale place in August.

He also said he is not planning on returning home as the country heads into poll.

“The possibility of me going back to Zimbabwe before 23 August 2023 is zero. It is not even in the cards.”