Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson’s was part of this year’s UN Geneva Summit on Human Rights and Democracy.

Addressing the summit, Mahere revealed that half the population in Zimbabwe lives under extreme poverty while over US$2.2 billion is lost to corruption annually.

Below are some of the key notes from the speech:

She said Zimbabwe has the highest hyperinflation rate in the world all because those in power would rather loot and persecute than lead.

She touched on prison conditions in Zimbabwe, revealing that prisons are crowded with no water, and toilets. She said she woke one day with no pants on at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

She raised issues of impartiality and judicial independence. Mahere said the courts are captured by ZANU PF.

Mahere alleged police brutality. This comes as opposition political activists continue to face illegal arrest.

She said as election time comes near, Zimbabweans should go to the ballot box with one mission to win the country and install new competent leaders.