The Business Weekly reports that Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs Gerald Gwinji has been involved in a property dispute between Arosume Property Development Arosume and Louisa Kalenga-Bandal.

This comes amid reports of numerous attempts by Gwinji to summon his counterpart from the Local Government and Public Works Ministry, Zvinechimwe Churu, for interviews.

In a letter sent to Churu, Jiti Law Chambers, acting on behalf of Arosume, accused Gwinji of interfering in the administration of the tripartite agreement that was established between the company and the government through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) in 2007.

Jiti argued that the land dispute did not fall within Gwinji’s mandate and that he ought to have directed his requests to the Local Government Secretary’s superiors.

Gwinji had claimed that Kalenga-Bandal had been the permanent owner and beneficiary of stand number 313 under the Sally Mugabe Housing Cooperative (SMHC), meant to benefit civil servants.

However, Arosume refuted these claims, stating that stand 313 of Carrick Creagh, Borrowdale was only gazetted for compulsory acquisition in 2006.

Gwinji was accused of using political influence to make undue demands and ludicrous allegations.

Please read the full story on the Business Weekly 03/05/2023