ZANU-PF member, Sybeth Musengezi, has slammed CCC President, Nelson Chamisa after the speech in which Chief Charumbira called for the Karanga tribe leaders  to unite.

Musengezi wrote:

Chamisa’s capacity to be a national leader cast in doubt with the way he was grinning & laughing wen Chief Charumbira gave a tribal speech (Karanga’s vs Zezuru’s).
It confirms assertions of a secret power pact between Karanga’s🙄 (himself & ED). National leaders are not supposed to speak along tribal lines, Fullstop.
Trevor Ncube could have been right kuti Chamisa will be given an offer that he can’t refuse.
Let’s not play with people’s lives.

In a follow up post, Musengezi wrote:

Unless you CCC bullies start acknowledging that Chamisa is not God & he makes mistakes, CCC will “NEVER” lead Zim!
-You’re centered on an individual whom u glorify even when he’s wrong;
-You can’t even question his actions but attack those who do.
-You’re foolish & dangerous just like Varakashi4ED!
-You’re intolerant to divergent views & think everyone who criticizes Nero is against him
-you’re quick to label others apa you’re too blind to see the real sellouts
-you’re toxic, full of negative energy & a danger to society
– you’re under the illusion that everyone who talks of unity among dissenting voices wants to join or infiltrate your structureless party.
-you can’t be trusted with Power coz you can actually be worse that Mnangagwa & his followers

Some of us love Zimbabwe not personalities.

Again he added

Some of us failed/refused to bootlick Mnangagwa who has power, money, soldiers, police, judiciary etc ndozonyengererawo CCC zvayo isina kana direction.
Why would I want to be accommodated in a failed project? Ndoitei ikoko when you don’t have positions?

Ityai Mwari imi.

Please watch the full speech by Chief Charumbira below: