Tinashe Maphosa sues Mai Tt for accusing him on social media for being abusive, criminal and rapist

Mai Tt has posted on her Facebook page that Tinashe Maphosa is suing her for accusing him for being a serial liar, abusive, rapist and criminal.

Mai Tt posted a statement from the High Court of Zimbabwe that states that Mai Tt should pay the sum of $250 000 for lying to the public about Tinashe.

This is what Mai Tt responded by saying

You steal from me you runaway then you serve me stupid summons tht I should pay you for telling the world tht you stole from me imbwa mugodhoyi damariyangu yawakaba stop sending your stupid lawyers here give me my money you stole in my house satan muroyi
Musatanyoko bring yourself to Zimbabwe if you didn’t steal imbwa musatanyoko
Musatanyoko wako Tinashe damari yangu zimbavha ziSatan mugodhoyi muroyi.
You will never get a cent from me musatanyoko