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I am currently confused in my marriage, so my husband complains about his body being painful from work everyday l try to get touchy with him.

He sometimes even change his mood immediately.

So I would do everything totodya mumba zvakanakanaka but when we get to the bedroom he just get busy,like really busy.

As am typing ryt now he just came to bed with his laptop and he’s watching a movie,no word to ask about how was my day or anything…mostly these days m the one starting convos.I feel neglected each day.

I wanted to ask my brothers n sisters advice on how l should handle this issue,ndoramba ndichinyengerera or neniwo ndotongo focus(a) panezvangu….

Yes l dd try talk to him few time then he say he will change but he changes for 2 days the back to his old self.

Women respond

You can tell him I am leaving, bye. Have fun watching movies. That sounds extreme but people don’t change unless they see the cost of their actions if they are capable of changing, if they are not capable they are not fit to be husband/wife. You can’t say I want a partner to mistreat. Either you treat them well or you stay single and mistreat no one.

Unless the issue is incompatibility Eg you want 100% of his time at home and he wants a few percents to himself. In that case he can be with someone capable of giving him some time without feeling neglected. Cz why not watch the movies together. Or you differ in the frequency of intimacy him less you more.

You where in a relationship for how long before you guys got married sorry I’m trying to avoid that same mistake because zvino rwadza 🤔

It hurts to feel lonely wen ua married, if he’s not coming around focus on you.

He’s cheating on you

He is seeing sum1 for sure mood haingochinje akutosvotwa newe u tried ur best now if u can just focus on urself time yamave iyi vakawanda vonoonda n kuluza weight stressed abt not knowing what’s stressing umwe wako yet iye he is enjoying ….. So sorry dear ifhe has sumthing he will drop the bomb ega

Focus on u girl cz unoitiswa it hurts so do you

Chimboita as if usisisna basa naye ,kupinda mu bedroom ,if possible inwa ma sleeping tablets worara kunge kacheche usamuguma kana kutaura naye unozondiudza anochinja zvese izvi ana bhangu ava aka ngoona kuti wakumudzorera havana moyo yakasimba