Mambeu clashes with Adv Shumba Over Dr Phophi

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum leaders, Tino Mambeu and Advocate Gabriel Shumba have clashed publicly over the harassment of a Zimbabwean woman by Limpopo Health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba.

Mambeu has been raising funds for CCC President, Nelson Chamisa after he defected from ZANU-PF when he was ‘denied’ contracts by the government of President Mnangagwa.

This week, Mambeu supported Dr Ramathuba ‘a actions on an eNCA TV interview.

Mambeu blamed President Mnangagwa for the situation in Zimbabwe and supported Dr Ramathuba.

On the other hand, Advocate Shumba, dismissed Mambeu’ s comments and said they do not represent the position of the ZEF.

Speaking to The Star Newspaper, Advocate Shumba said ZEF does not support the mistreatment of Zimbabweans, particularly, women.

Advocate Shumba called upon the Zimbabwe Embassy to intervene and engage with the South African government over Dr Ramathuba ‘s comments, which he said could result in xenophobic attacks on innocent Zimbabwean immigrants.

Attempts by the newspaper to get a follow up comment from Mambeu on Advocate Shumba ‘statements were fruitless as he switched off his phone.

Please read the full story in today’s The Star Newspaper – 29 August 2022.