Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that popular Pan Africanist and religious leader, Bishop Maponga, angrily stormed out of the German Embassy in Harare during visa application processing.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the sources said Bishop Maponga felt disrespected by the German officials and told them to treat him like any other VIP would be treated.

Maponga  told the German officials that it was them who needed him to travel to their country.

He was at the Embassy to apply for a visa for his trip to German later this month, where he was expected to participate in discussions on Pan Africanism at an international arts festival.

‘It was unexpected and dramatic’ , said the source. ‘The visa application was abandoned after Maponga stormed out and he is no longer traveling to Germany’. 

Senior officials at the Embassy are reported to have apologised to Maponga.

Questions sent to Maponga  by Gambakwe Media over the issue were not responded to.

A member of Maponga ‘s management team said they believe Maponga might have been placed on an unofficial sanctions list due to his support for Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa.

Bishop Maponga is highly critical of Zimbabwe opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa , whom he claims is a puppet of the West.