The DailySun reports that Hillary Gardee’s boyfriend Muxe Zitha was arrested and tortured for murder.

Gardee went missing on Friday last week after her abduction outside a shopping plaza while she was with her three-year-old adopted daughter who was later dropped off close to where Gardee lived in KaMagugu.

Muxe from Thulamahashe, Mpumalanga is now suing the police for wrongful arrest and torture in connection with his girlfriend’s murder.

He said he received a call on Wednesday, 4 May from a cop who identified himself as the investigating officer in the case.

Muxe met a team of cops and one of them allegedly bashed and klapped him, forcing him to tell them the truth about Hillary’s whereabouts.

They continued the torture and asked him about the R1000 withdrawal from Hillary’s bank account.

The 28 year old graphic designer also mentioned that he suffered internal injuries and has lost trust in police services.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Sun- Tuesday 10 May 2022.