Netone engineer Samson Zvarimwa had a lover when the car was swept by floods at Runde river

The Mirror reports that a NetOne employee Samson Zvarimwa was in the company of a lover Loice Maradze when the vehicle was swept away by a flood at Chilonga Bridge, Runde River.

The deceased (48), who was employed as an engineer at NetOne, Balmain Building in Masvingo and stayed in the Runyararo North West suburb while Maradze (40) was a money changer in Masvingo.

NetOne spokesperson, Roselyn Chisvetu, confirmed the death of Zvarimwa and expressed their deepest condolences to the Zarimwa family.

The incident occurred as they were coming back from Chilonga after filling a diesel-powered generator at a mobile base station in the area.

The deceased were found trapped inside the car after villagers used a rope to pull the vehicle out of the flooded Runde River.

Zvarimwa is survived by his wife, Diana and 2 children.

Zvarimwa’s sister Jessie Mandebvu said Zvarimwa will be laid to rest in Jichidza, Nhopi area in Zaka on Wednesday, 4 May.