Hillary Makaya says she left Robert Mugabe Jnr with a heartbreak

South Africa-basedmodel Hillary Makaya has revealed that she left Robert Jnr Mugabe heartbroken after they dated for a short time.

This comes after Robert Junior claimed that the two never dated. 

Following an interview with  Star-Fm DJ Miss V-Candy, the son to the late president claimed that he was in an entanglement with the superstar model, Hillary.

He said:

“So with Hillary right, let me be honest. We were on something and there was a lot going on during that time and we didn’t actually had a proper conversation. We were going on dates, seeing each other in different countries because she travels a lot.

“There was a time she traveled somewhere and I happen to be there…Ya that happened but it was all by chance and hatina kuzvitsvaga and at that moment aabva kubuda mu relationship.

Hillary quickly replied:”mashoko emunhu akam@ma ne heartbreak muregererei”.