CCC President, Nelson Chamisa is addressing the CCC by-elections rally in Mkoba suburb today 6 March 2022.

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14:30 Chamisa arrives in the stadium. He is mobbed by journalists and takes his seat. Prayers, ZCTU, students address Chamisa with their concerns.

15:22 Chamisa is now on the stage.

15:22 We have came a long way and many have died during this time. Tsvangirai, Sibanda, Dulini, we started with them and they have all died.

15:23 They are trying to kill me but God is keeping me safe.

15:24 We are not looking for international attention. International attention is on us because we represent democracy.

15:25 All over Africa they are looking at Zimbabwe because they know that this is where gold is coming out of.

15:26 We are different from ZANU-PF, we move with Jesus, we dont have bows and arrows.

15:27 We dont even gather money for our rallies, people come by themselves.

15:27 I heard Mutsvangwa saying Chamisa was stage managing the violence in Kwekwe. How can I bring the hudlums from among you to cause violence?

15:29 The only person who can change the situation in Zimbabwe is the young man.

15:31 When we say Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana, we mean there must be jobs, there must be peace and prospertiy. We want our security services to have good working conditions.

15:32 I wish Tsvangirai was here, here was proud of Mkoba.

15:33 But Tsvangirai must not be worried, he left a replacement. What ever they do we will match them, not in fistfights, but in ideas.

15:44 But when it comes to elections in this country, there is no party that can defeat us.

15:34 Some say they have guns, we dont do anything to do with guns. We do elections. In these 26 March by-elections, we want to defeat them totally.

15:35 Mnangagwa is scared, I am seeing him. But I want to say to him, dont worry, you will get your benefits.

15:35 Recalling of MPs was a blessing in disguise. We that him for removing bad apples from among us.

15:37 When I get into office, the economy will respond.

15:39 The problem in this country is poverty. The government is stealing from the people.

15:40 During the inclusive government, we stabilized the economy.

15:41 Chamisa calls Biti to the stage to talk about the economic policy.

15:41 I have heard some people say Chamisa is not an economist. I cant be everything.

15:46 In our new government, we will focus on teachers, because the teacher is the axle that drives the engine.

15:47 They took our head office and MPs, they took the open palm, we have came back with the strong finger that frees the nation.

15:47 They thought that the power was in the name, what they dont know is that the power is in the vision and in the anointing.

15:48 Before Mugabe, Dabengwa, Tsvangirai died, they anointed me.

15:49 The country will not stabilize if the anointed one has not been inaugurated.

15:52 We are bringing a new thinking, a new thrust, a new direction. Leaders dont take they give. If you want to come to government to look for a car or anything, this is not the right movement for you.

15:53 The support we have in the rural areas is amazing, we are all over the country.

15:53 When I was in Tanzania I was treated like royalty. Our thrust is to focus on Africa because we are looking for an African solution.

15:54 We have a caretaker leadership. We are re-doing everything, going back to the basic where the citizen will define everything. This is your movement.

15:56 When we get into office, Gweru must be the administrative capital city of Zimbabwe because it is central in the country. Harare will remain the commercial Capital and Bulawayo the industrial capital with Mutare as the horticultural capital.

15:57 Offices of ministers, President, and other government business must be based in Gweru because it has all the infrastructure like the Thornhill Airbase.

15:58 They have killed all the industries in Gweru.

15:58 The crowd shouts that the Chinese are the problem.

15:59 I want to congratulate the administrators at the Midlands State University. We will build infrastructure like students accommodation, laboratories and all the other requirements.

15:59 When we get into office, we will address everything in no time.

16:00 When we get into office we will not fire everyone. We just want to remove Mnangagwa.

16:01 To war veterans, we will treat you well. There is no country without war veterans.

16:02 ZANU-PF must stop monopolizing the struggle, all of us were in the struggle. 

16:03 Mnangwagwa said Zimbabwe inovakwa nevene vayo. Ehe, Nyika inovakwa nevana vayo asi kana uchivaka nyika usaibira.

16:04 We know that in a democracy, anyone can win. We ask Mnangagwa to take good care of us the opposition so that when we are in office we can also take good care of him.

16:06 We want Masiyiwa, Kasukuwere, Moyo to come out of exile. We want them to come back to the country.

16:07 When it comes to local authorities, ZANU-PF must take resposnibility. In 2023 we need to vote for executive mayors.

16:07 Our first councillors in these by elections are our first steps to forming a government. 

16:08 Chamisa calls Chibaya onto the stage.

16:10 This man used to take me to Kwekwe when I would come and bisit. He didnt have a car but he would go with me and come back after he made sure I was safe.

16:11 Mkoba please vote for Chibaya. Please vote for our councillor also.

16:12 When it comes to elections. We need to have dialogue. I am therefore asking for a pre-election and post election dialogue to discuss election reforms.

16:33 If there is someone in your house who is not registered to vote, dont give them food.

16:13 Chamisa crack a joke ( I know some women thought I said don’t give your husbands in the bedroom).

16:14 As soon as we get in we will put back the USD.

16:14 Gold, Platinum and our resources will be well kept, we will have reserves. Those who steal will be arrested.

16:15 We will have a small government, 13 to 15 ministers, no deputy ministers. 

16:15 We will return Zimbabwe to the family of nations.

16:16 We will have many private radio and television stations. Thank you.

16:16 Chamisa leaves the stage.