The family of Mboneni Ncube has  reportedly banned the Citizens Coalition for Change led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa from attending the funeral.


Ncube died following violent clashes that broke out at a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party rally at the weekend.


The family also banned all other political parties  from the funeral by the family, who are still awaiting the results of an autopsy to establish the cause of death since the body was unmarked, in flat contradiction of social media reports that Mr Mboneni Ncube was pierced by a spear and hacked by machetes.

The opposition CCC had hijacked the funeral for the deceased Mr Mboneni Ncube while the party’s aspiring candidate for Mbizo Mr Settlement Chikwinya had unashamedly taken the death as the best opportunity to campaign while camped at the bereaved family’s house in Mbizo 9.


In an interview, brother to the now deceased, Mr Future Ncube, said the family had barred all political parties from taking part in the burial of their relative saying they were not aware of his political affiliation.


“There has been a lot of false information doing rounds on social media with politics taking centre stage instead of us mourning, so as the bereaved family we have banned all political parties from being part of this funeral. We will be mourning our departed relative as the family and the surrounding community. We don’t want this to be politicised,” said Mr Ncube.