Prominent Zimbabwean author and preacher, Bishop Joshua Maponga has finally published his South African National ID.


He took to social media to show off his ID.

“Put this story to rest .. flies . Pigs and dogs live on dirt….it’s a delicacy… Just stop… I have never claimed. Wished ..or desired to be south Afrikan… Lets discuss real issues .. it’s tiring to read lies on social media …. Next time you talk about this . Post your own will never be satisfied… Even if put a DNA or blood as proof . Just shut up for once… ,! You lied . I forgave you . Don’t stretch … It’s enough.. you laughed…it’s ok.

It ends with …. 188,” he posted.

Maponga published his identification card after thousands argued that he was deported because he had a fake South African National ID.

However, in a video circulating widely on social media, Maponga said he left South Africa so as to focus on a certain project in Zimbabwe.

He also revealed that his wife and children are still in South Africa.