Daniella says she Ego’s property as he fully paid bride price

Daniella Simba Allen says she is now owned by her husband Ego after he fully paid bride price.

Allen shared her roora day pictures on social media yesterday.

“My roora day in pic, a little backward but my husband now fully owns me”

Danielle is an award-winning British born fashion designer and socialite of Zimbabwean heritage. She is the founder and owner of TIR Fashion house.

The couple’s lobola celebrations were held on Saturday 9 January 2022 in Harare with green being the main theme.

The lobola celebrations were attended by Nigerian musician Davido, Mike Chimombe, Jackie Ngarande, Pokello Nare, Tanya Chikuni, Michelle Chiyangwa, Pamela and Martin Hakunavanhu, Tazvi Mhaka and Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa and Trish Carmen.