89 000 Deported illegal Zimbabweans now back in South Africa

We stand in the sun the whole day and deport them, but our efforts come to nothing... they just come back...

The Star newspaper reports that almost all the deported Zimbabweans have now found their way back into South Africa.

The newspaper reports that officials manning road blocks have lamented that they are repeatedly deporting the same people after they pass through the Beitbridge border post where they pay R500 bribes to South African border officials.

In one case, an official manning a roadblock said they have deported one Zimbabwean man three times, at the same spot in two days, as he just kept returning as soon as he was released on the Zimbabwe side.

Officials admitted that deported Zimbabweans are paying South African border officials, who are now using small boys, who collect bribes on their behalf from the bushes.

Once the payment is made, the illegal Zimbabweans are allowed to flood into South Africa where they take their chances evading police roadblocks.

Once they are caught, some Zimbabweans pretend to be blind while others move around with small babies under 6 months as a means of getting sympathy so that they can be let through.

Please read the full story in today’s Star Newspaper – 12 January 2021.