Bona Mugabe threatens legal action over social media accounts in her name

The late former President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona Chikore has threatened to take legal action over more than 50 fake social media accounts that were created in her name.

Through her lawyers from Venturas and Samkange, Bona said urged the public to stop following the fake social media accounts alleged to be hers as she is not a social media personality.

Bona also disowned the popular Facebook posts in which she was purportedly giving marriage advice to women.

“Our client advises that her name has of late been unlawfully, without her knowledge and consent, ascribed to several accounts on several media platforms, in particular Facebook and Instagram,” the lawyers said in a statement

“In the current year, a Facebook account under the name Bona Mugabe purported to give the impression that our client was behind a lecture that constitutes a good marriage. We are in the process, working with the responsible authorities to bring to book these unscrupulous people whose agenda is to tarnish the name of our client.

“Our client regrets any inconveniences that may have been caused to any fellow citizen who might have been following the social media on the genuine assumption that they were legitimate.”