Madam Boss offers to pay fees for children from Chadenga Foundation

Actress Madam Boss has offered to pay fees for two children from Chadenga foundation.

Posting on facebook, Chadenga Foundation thanked Madam Boss for her philanthrophic work.

“We would like to thank Madam Boss for her contribution towards the work we are doing at Chedenga Foundation.”

Chedenga Foundation held a fundraising event on Thursday the 16th of December at Theatre in the Park, Harare and Madam boss attended the event.

She pledged to pay 700usd for two kids at boarding school.

“Her manager handed 400usd cash and pledged to pay $300usd balance. She has got in touch with us to come and collect the balance. As Chedenga we are humbled by this gesture from Madam Boss. When our founder Eunice Tava approached her to attend our event, she readily agreed to attend”.

“For someone as busy as Madam Boss, who is big brand in her own right to agree to come to our event, and let alone make it for real to the event, is quite an honour. I was very humbled, Chedenga was very humbled. Madam Boss is so humble for somebody of her stature,” said Eunice who is known as “Mother” by the many children she feeds in the streets of Harare.