South African daily Omicron Infections in Massive rise

The Republic of South Africa has been hit hard by Omicron Infections.

The number of people who have tested positive after the new variant was discovered is rising each passing day.

As of Wednesday the cumulative number of COVID19 cases identified in South Africa is 2 976 613.

The health department of South Africa revealed that 8 561 tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday.

The health department also recorded 28 deaths on Monday bringing the total to 89 871 deaths.

The cumulative number of recoveries now stand at 2 850 142 with a recovery rate of 95,8%.

Few days ago, the health department of South Africa revealed that it has discovered a new covid-19 variant.

Following the announcement, many countries tightened its covid-19 regulations.

The Western countries took a decision to add Southern African countries to red list.