Watch: Mai Titi’s Boy Friend Breaks Silence Following Leaked Voice Notes

Tinashe Maphosa the current boy friend of Felistas Murata better known as Mai Titi has broke his silence following the leaked videos of Mai Titi and his ex-boyfriend Shepherd.



In a video widely circulating on social media, Tinashe said he will never leave Mai Titi because of her past.


“Guys thank you so much for the support that you have given us. Lots of people have been listening to the voice notes. I don’t have any reason to be angry I’m a born again Christian I forgive and forget just like my father,” he said.



“Everyone who knows myself and her know our past but the past doesn’t determine our present and the future,” he added.



Mai Titi has been trending after a blackmailer released voice notes of herself and ex-boyfriend.


Hundreds criticized her with some urging Tinashe Maphosa to dump her, days after the couple got engaged.