7 Sudanese Students Strandend in Zimbabwe

Atleast seven students who graduated lastweek Frida at the National University of Science and Technology are now stranded in Zimbabwe with no money for testing Covid-19.

According to multiple sources, the students have been failing to pay money for Covid-19 tests.

However, a representative of the students, Ajal Bol Gai, says a well-wisher in South Sudan bought the tickets but they may not yet out of the woods because each student needs to undergo a COVID-19 test, which costs US$60, before they catch their flight on Friday.

“We got the air tickets through an interview we did with Ezra Sibanda on campus during our graduation that was on Friday … We were not sure when we were going to get our air tickets and so I responded by telling him that we don’t know because our government had not made it clear to us yet on when they were going to send our air tickets,” he added.