Thomas Mapfumo Set For Jozi Gigs Alongside Nox Nguni

Chimurega guru Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo is set to perform two high-profile gigs at Newtown Music Factory on Saturday night and The Pavilion in Sunnyside, Pretoria on Sunday.

The weekend shows will see the return of urban groover Nox and Darlington Mhofela Tanganyika and his Journey Band. The two artists will be the supporting acts at both shows and they have previously never disappointed.

He will travel with some band members from his Oregon base in America as well as some from the United Kingdom.

They will join the other Blacks Unlimited members who live in South Africa such as mbira player Bezel Makombe who has been with the group for decades.

There will also be a number of DJs on rotation the likes of Charlieban, Mr Gee Warriors, Mytee Dollar and Stramma. Rico Myers will once again be the MC at both events where hundreds are expected if the excitement on social media is anything to go by.