Watch: Somizi Speaks After Being Blocked from Coming to Zimbabwe 

PROMINENT South African socialite, Somizi Mhlongo popularly known as Somgaga has finally broke his silence after being blocked from coming coming to Zimbabwe.


He released a video explaining that he was informed about the decision when he was preparing to come to Zimbabwe.

He rubbished claims that he was blocked because he did not advertise that he will be in Zimbabwe.


He says he was rather blocked because of his sexuality.


“I was blocked because of my sexuality. However, I am not the reason why everyone is gay, people might be influenced to be gay by me but i don’t force them to be gay,” he said.


Mhlongo was blocked by the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe after it submitted a letter to the office of the president, begging him to block Somizi from attending the re-opening of Garwe Restaurant.