Zuma Makes Public Appearance for the First Time Since his Incarceration

FORMER President of South Africa Jacob Zuma on Thursday spoke for the first time since his incarceration following his contempt of court ruling, which resulted in a 15-month jail sentence.

Addresing his supporters virtually, Msholozi said, “something has gone terribly wrong in our country”.

“The main aspects of the unconstitutional debacle that ended with my current imprisonment are repeating. Yes, I remain a prisoner under very strict parole conditions,” he added.

Speaking about the inquiry and his application for the recusal of the chairperson, Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, Zuma erroneously claimed Zondo “elected to act as his own witness against me, while presiding over the application for his recusal”.

“He went on to rule against me on the matter between him and me, where the facts were in dispute. My legal team gave notice that we would apply for the review of his decision. We subsequently applied for the review of his decision at the high court.”
Zuma has failed to make good on his promise to lodge a misconduct complaint against Zondo over his handling of his recusal application, which his advocate Muzi Sikhakhane told Zondo he would do.

Zuma claimed that, deliberately or not, he was treated “in a manner that is in flagrant disregard of the letter and spirit of the commission”.

“He [Zondo] wanted me sent to jail for two years without trial by the ConCourt as a. warning about its apparently unlimited powers,” said Zuma