Buffalo Souljah in Shocking Fashion

AWARD winning Zimbabwean singer Thabani Ndlovu popularly known as Buffalo Souljah has left thousands shocked with his new fashion.


The “Rugare” hitmaker took to social media to show off his fashion.

Buffalo Souljah started writing music young, composing “Zuva Randisingakanganwe” (“The day I will never forget”) his first song at eight years.

Starting his first group ” intelligent Raccuss Crooks” in 1996, the group included David Zulu aka Deva Soul, Stewart Chamirai aka Jon Doe and himself, formerly known as ULD a/k/a Prettybway.

Together they released three afro hip-hop albums, a mix of traditional music called jiti and hip-hop which involved a hip-hop drum and bass sequence incorporated with the Zimbabwean instrument Mbira.


In 1999 he Relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa, working with several SA artists, and eventually teaming up with Ghanaian artists Kweku and Turas and Papszido from Soweto to form DA Apostles, releasing an album titled “The Chosen Ones”.