Mai Titi Breaks Silence About her US Boyfriend

Outspoken comedian Felistas popularly known as Mai Titi has finally broken her silence about her boy friend in the United States.

Mai Titi took to social media to rubbish allegations that she had traveled to States to visit a boy friend.

Queen Tatelicious Karigambe had released a video explaining that Mai Titi has been dumped by the allegedly boy friend in the US.

However, Mai Titi wrote a long message responding to such rumours.

“Dear Zimbabweans .
Bloggers, Vloggers, zNewspapers, Haters, Fans,Friends and family .

My touring to America has nothing to do with anybody but is something I always dreamt of , one of the countries I alway wished to step in .Since I can now afford for my life , I applied for a Visa and funded for my trip without anybody s help. As im here im also taking time to meet and greet my fans in different cities and states also seeing friends and family I last saw years ago.
I know being a public figure every body wants to know everything because everything about us is public but when we decide to keep the other life private please do not get mad and start spreading fake news, Over the years I have made mistakes and learnt that some things are better off kept in private because some individuals don’t want to see me happy. I have been keeping my personal life trying to separate it with business but still some people keep invading my privacy. When they don’t have a clue they will start creating fake news wich spreads like wildfire.
It’s really sad how some people feed on someone s sadness and pain for their own benefits, it’s sad how some will try so much to destroy someone s happiness, it’s sad how they will never celebrate someone s success but will rather celebrate their downfall 😞. It’s sad how they will bully you until you are depressed even to the point of dying.
We have become so bitter on each other for some reasons.
Social media was created for fun , updates, business opportunities but suddenly it has turned to a warzone. Wich is very bad. People always provoking people then end up accusing you fr retaliating after being bullied😒. We are all human beings with feelings put yourself in the shoes of that person you always curse and see if it fits.

I have been through the worst in my life for the past years but God gave me strength and guided me through it all up to date. There is nothing I haven’t experienced from poverty, rejection, sickness you name it but I’m still here. God did not abandon me eventually he wiped my tears away and made the Strongets person I am.
My life is a testimony thts why I’m always thankful to God because it has never been an easy road.
I now can now stand fr myself and do anything I want including traveling the world 🌎 .
Allow me to enjoy myself without forcing me to explain my reasons of being happy. I’m sorry if I ever offended you or if I’m the reason for your bitterness , brokenness and sadness.

Even if I choose to be with a man that should not affect you , if I also break up that should not affect you either. We all got lives to live don’t live for me live for yourself. I’m finding happiness please find yours.It’s not always a man who makes you happy you can still be single and happy.

Blessed are those who are married and happy and blessed are those who are single and happy too.
Allow a person to live the way they want , the path they choose it’s only God who can Judge.
Godbless you,” she posted.