Gemma Griffiths Finishes Her Projects in London

Top Zimbabwean musician Gemma Griffiths says she has finished doing her projects in London, United Kingdom.

Griffiths has been in London for the past 6 weeks working up on her massive projects.

She took to social media to reveal that she is done with her much anticipated projects that are set to drop soon.

“London – Thank You, this trip has been so special and so full of life. I have finished off a big project, I’ve written some epic music with some amazing musicians, I’ve watched so many incredible performances, I’ve performed again for the first time in a long time. I have filmed, played and met incredible creative. I have built so many memories and so much art over these past 6 weeks. I have eaten cheeky Chilli near the London eye, got some new vans, attended the ZAAs and so much more. I will miss this joy filled summer… time to catch a flight back to the beautiful African soil, that makes my heart beat,” she posted.