Maynard Manyowa Graduates with MA in Documentary Journalism in the UK

Polygamous Journalist and Documentary maker, Maynard Manyowa has graduated for MA in Documentary Journalism in the United Kingdom.

Maynard Manyowa is also the spokesperson of Malawian religious leader Shepherd Bushiri.

He founded Khuluma Afrika, an online-based publication.

He is also a contributor to South African based publications News24 and Daily Maverick.

Manyowa took to social media to reveal that he has graduated.

“My patience was tested. My resolve measured. A journey that was meant to be a walk in the park became an examination of my bones. I lost a lot pursuing this elite qualification.

Life in 2019 and 2020 made itself thar this Master of Arts degree required much more than academic pedigree and journalistic skill. It became a battle for survival. But it conquering it, I also conquered all it came with. And so today, I wasn’t just conferred an MA in Documentary Journalism, I was given a pass, to wear myself as a badge, a reminder, of what I have beaten just to get here.

Throughout my course, I always had a praise for my classmates. Today, we sat with each other again, not as learners but as achievers!

Special mention to my parents, my uncle Ron and aunt Memory who drove halfway through the UK just to sit through to see their son honoured,” posted Maynard.