Passion Java Buys 200 Mnangagwa Shirts from Mai Titi

The founder of Passion Java Ministries, Panganayi Java popularly known as Passion Java has bought 200 Zimbabwean flag-designed jerseys from the self-styled Mai TT in Harare.

The Zimbabwean flag-desiggned jerseys look similar to Mnangagwa’s famous scarf.

Passion Java is on a mission to support local Zimbabwean entrepreneurs to boost their businesses and grow their local brands.

This is backed by the “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” agenda which calls for all Zimbabweans to maximise opportunities created by His Excellency, President ED Mnangagwa to engage in economic activities towards the attainment of Vision 2030.

“We should all come together and work together to empower one another financially in Zimbabwe. Our President ED Mnangagwa has created an environment where all Zimbabweans have an equal opportunity to do business and change their lives. Vision 2030 can be a reality if we support local businesses, no matter how big or small”, said Prophet Passion in a statement.

Award winning independent journalist Hopewell Chinono has previously accused Zimbabwean socialites such as Madam Boss, Mai Titi, Passion Java among others as being part of Zanu-PF.