Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa Celebrate Marriage Anniversary

Self-proclaimed Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophetes Ruth Makandiwa are celebrating their marriage anniversary today.

Emmanuel Makandiwa got married to Ruth just before he started hisfull-time ministry as an ordained pastor.

Ruth has since been his partner in ministry and the co-founder of UFIC.

Ruth also heads the women’s ministry; Victorious Ladies and the ministry’s charity arm; Agape Family Care through which she engages in charity and philanthropic works.

The charity arm takes care of over 3000 widows every month and well over a thousand orphans every month by giving them food, groceries, money for rentals and tuition fees for the orphans.

Agape Family Care also supports institutions and orphanages.

It donates annually to the Zimbabwe Prison Services. Through the Agape Family Care, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa hosted two successful programs under the theme “Operation Restore Sight” where over 200 patients were given free eye cataract and all were successful, the total budget over $500000.00 USD.

The International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) conferred Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa with an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters in 2014.

The two have never gone in any marriage scandal or cases of infidelity; a thing that they have managed to maintain despite the demands of their global ministry.

They have five children together. Spiritual Fatherhood Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa started to submit to the Ghanaian pastors; Victor and Anita Kusi-Boateng and Emmanuel made his allegiance to Reverend Victor public, which attracted media and public persecution as many did not agree with his concept of ‘Spiritual Fatherhood”.

Makandiwa openly believes in spiritual fatherhood and he has supported his stand in this matter with scriptures and teachings.

Reverend Victor and Anita Kusi- Boateng frequently visit Zimbabwe and they have ministered at quite a number of conferences hosted by Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa.