Plastic surgeons in South Africa are preparing to reconstruct the face of a nine-year-old Zimbabwean boy mauled by a hyena in an attack last month.

Rodwell Khomazana lost his nose, left eye, most of his upper lip, bits of his forehead and other parts of his face when he was attacked during a night-time church service outside Harare on May 2 2021.

Doctor Ridwan Mia a top South Africa plastic and reconstructive sergoen will be performing the surgery on Rodwell and doctors who have offered to their services for free.

Mia and his team will perform his first exploratory surgery this week, after which they will schedule a operation expected to last around 12 hours. There will be a series of surgeries meant to work on the reconstruction of his face.

They will use tissue from other parts of his body to reconstruct his jaw, nose, mouth and cheeks. He will also be fitted with a prostatic eye.

Rodwell family is staying at the hospital as very thankfully to everyone supporting them. Mia has begun a crowd funding intiative for Rodwell which will him and his family.